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Beware of these drowsy driving warning signs

Were you or a loved one injured – or was your loved one killed – by a driver who crossed the center line into oncoming traffic? Do police claim that no drugs or alcohol were involved in causing the collision?

It could be that the driver who caused the crash fell asleep. In fact, fatal accidents caused by drowsy drivers are more common than you might think – especially considering that many of them go unnoticed because police are unable to prove the fact that someone was recklessly sleepy behind the wheel.

California bicycle laws: Where can you legally ride?

Bicyclists should follow all the rules of the road in California along with some additional rules that apply specifically to cyclists. Under the letter of the law, it actually doesn't matter where a bicyclist rides as long as he or she is traveling as quickly as surrounding traffic and following other rules that pertain to vehicles.

As for bicyclists who are traveling slower than surrounding vehicles, it's important that they travel along the right-hand side of the roadway. In most cases, since bikes ride slower than other traffic, they should ride in bike lanes when they are available. The exception is when cyclists are passing, avoiding obstacles, getting ready to make a left turn or in cases where the roadway doesn't have enough space to share.

Drunk driving accident claims the lives of 3 teenagers

Three teenagers died in a catastrophic Huntington Beach car accident on a recent Thursday. The crash happened after a drunk motorist drove into the back of the teenagers' vehicle. The deceased teenagers included two boys, aged 18 and 17, and one girl, aged 17. A fourth teenager was also in the vehicle and was fortunate to survive after suffering injuries that required hospital care.

Immediately after the crash, authorities arrested a 27-year-old woman who they suspect was driving under the influence at the time she caused the rear-end collision. They also arrested her on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. She was booked into the Orange County jailhouse. She secured her release on Sunday on bail of $100,000. As of last reports, her criminal charges had yet to be formalized.

Pedestrian safety: These tips could save your life

A walk along the road is quite different from a walk in the great outdoors. That's because pedestrians have to keep their eyes open for oncoming cars to avoid getting hit. Two hundred years ago, pedestrian safety wasn't as big of an issue because nearly everyone was a pedestrian unless they were riding on a horse or a horse-driven vehicle. And even then, it was much easier for a pedestrian to jump out of the way and prevent getting struck.

These days, pedestrian safety is an important matter that requires everyone's attention. Pedestrians need to stay attentive and take specific precautions to prevent a serious injury. What follows are some of the most vital safety practices that every pedestrian should employ in Cypress, California:

  • Always use a sidewalk when one is available. If no sidewalk is available, walk as far away from the left side of the road as possible.
  • Always put as much distance between yourself and oncoming cars as possible.
  • Always walk in the direction of oncoming vehicles.
  • Wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight when you're walking in the evening, twilight or dusk hours.
  • Always cross the road at an intersection or a designated crossing zone, never in the middle of the roadway.
  • Don't use electronic devices while walking near traffic and never using headphones.

Car accident prevention tips: Do your part as a motorist

Personal injury lawyers consult with numerous car accident victims who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to no fault of their own. In many of these cases, the victims can pursue financial compensation in court from the parties who caused their accidents and injuries. However, wouldn't it be better to avoid such accidents and injuries to begin with? Here are a few tips and tricks that motorists can use to avoid getting hurt in an accident:

  • Never use a cellphone while operating a vehicle.This advice seems simple enough. It's also illegal to text while driving in California. Nevertheless, many motorists ignore the law and endanger themselves and others. If you avoid using a cellphone behind the wheel, you will avoid many kinds of crashes.
  • Use your headlights at dusk, dawn and when it's rainy. Headlights will make your vehicle more visible. They are an important safety component during low visibility hours like dusk, dawn and when it's raining outside.
  • Try not to drive at night. It might not be entirely convenient to avoid driving during evening hours. However, if you can manage to limit your driving at night, you will reduce your chances of getting into a crash.
  • Keep your car well-maintained. The better condition your car is in, the better you can use it to avoid and maneuver around potential accident scenarios.
  • Never drive after drinking. It doesn't matter if you just drank half a beer. The best policy is to never get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. It's difficult to judge your state of inebriation and it's difficult to determine how much you've been affected by the alcohol you consume.

Were you hurt in an accident due to no fault of your own in Cypress? Depending on the circumstances of your injuries and the crash, you might be able to pursue a personal injury claim. Ultimately, it's important to review all of your legal options -- and the viability of your potential lawsuit -- before choosing to file such a claim.

Making yourself visible on a bicycle

Bicycling is a great way to get in shape or to stay in shape. Many people ride bikes for fun or even to work or school each day. There are plenty of ways to stay safe on a bicycle, including wearing a helmet, knee pads and shoulder pads. All of this is good but you need to make yourself as visible as possible when on a bicycle, even during the day. Here are some tips for doing just that in California.

Use a headlight and taillight even during the day. A headlight makes it that much easier for drivers to spot you on the roads. Clouds, fog and haze all cause vision problems for drivers. A headlight and a taillight on a bicycle can increase your visibility greatly.

My insurance company denied my claim: What can I do?

Insurance companies have adjusters whose job it is to review your claim for compensation to determine if it actually warrants a benefits payout. In many cases, your insurance company will be relatively easy to work with and you can get just compensation that aligns with the coverage and benefits you signed up for -- and more importantly -- paid for. However, in some cases, an adjuster could decide to deny your claim for a variety of reasons: What can you do in this case?

Imagine you got in a serious car accident -- and the crash was your fault. You believe you should receive compensation to cover the damages from your insurer, but your insurer disagrees. Perhaps the insurer claims that you waited too long to file your claim, that the circumstances of your accident disqualify you for coverage or there is another reason why you can't get benefits.

Pedestrians: Why should you always walk against traffic?

You should never walk on the side of any roadway as a pedestrian -- if possible. The sidewalk or a walking trail is the best option in all situations. Nevertheless, if you're traveling by foot, you won't always have a safely-segregated footpath available to you. When forced to walk on the side of the road in these situations, you should always walk on the left side of the road -- against oncoming traffic -- no matter what.

Wy should you walk on the left side of the road?

1 bicyclist killed, 1 injured during Tour de Palm Springs event

Bicyclists participating in the Tour de Palm Springs were taken off-guard by a catastrophic motor vehicle collision involving two bicyclists and a motorist traveling at approximately 100 mph on a recent Saturday. One of the bicyclists did not survive the collision, while the other cyclist required emergency hospital care.

According to a California Highway Patrol officer, the motorist was driving his vehicle in a reckless manner along Dillon Road at the time of the collision. The bicycle tour had already begun and, according to police, the driver should have known that he was driving on the road with multiple cyclists and needed to be on the lookout for them. "A reasonable person would understand there was an event going on," the officer said.

How can I avoid a car accident while running?

Getting out in the fresh air for a jog is not only fun, but it's great for your health. The only problem -- and it's a very serious problem at that -- is the fact that going for a run exposes you to the risks of getting hit by a car. These kinds of vehicle versus pedestrian crashes often result in catastrophic injuries and death. So, what can you do to avoid getting hit by a car while going for a jog?

Get to know your running routine

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