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Not being on a California highway doesn't guarantee your safety

You might be one of many people in California who think taking less-traveled roadways or even rural roads when possible is a means for decreasing your risk of collision. You may be surprised to learn that many tractor-trailer accidents (in fact, a majority) occur on roads other than interstates. This means traveling non-highway routes does not necessarily mean you are not at risk for collision with commercial vehicles. Statistics show you may be even more at risk!

If you're aware of what types of issues tend to lead to tractor-trailer collisions most often, you may be able to avoid injury. However, even the knowledge you possess ahead of time and your own alertness and caution behind the wheel may not be enough to stop a negligent driver from crashing into your vehicle. If this happens, it's also important to know what type of restitution may be available.

Key factors in many trucking accidents

If you've ever been driving along a California roadway when a tractor-trailer cuts you off in your lane or comes speeding up, dangerously close to the rear end of your vehicle, you know how terrifying it can be. The following list includes frequently reported issues that are often causal factors in commercial vehicle collisions:

  • Driver fatigue: For many (if not most) truckers, time is money. The faster they travel and the more distance they cover, the more money they make. Unfortunately, this leads many drivers to stay at their wheels longer than they should, thus creating danger for themselves and all who share the road.
  • Vehicle condition: Collisions often occur due to tire blowouts and other malfunctions of vehicle equipment. If a truck is not regularly inspected to ensure the safest driving possible, it could place you at great risk for injury if a tire happens to blow when you are in the vehicle next to, in front of or behind it.
  • Improperly loaded hauls: Many commercial trucks carry heavy loads. If everything is not securely loaded, it can quickly lead to disaster. There are many commercial truck regulations overseeing weight and hauls.
  • Impaired driving: Another problem having to do with driver fatigue is substance abuse. If a truck driver takes a drug that allegedly helps with alertness or energy then hits your vehicle and causes you to suffer injury, it may be grounds for filing a negligence claim against him or her.

California roadways, both interstates and side roads, are busy traffic areas that often contain tractor-trailers and other massive commercial vehicles. You have no way of knowing what types of driving choices another motorist is going to make. You may, however, have recourse through the civil justice system to seek compensation for damages if you suffer injury in a negligence-caused collision.

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