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Social media and your personal injury claim

The accident left you injured and suffering. You spent much of your time in bed until your family coaxed you outside for a picnic with some friends. Your dad told a joke, and you laughed, and since it was the first time you had laughed since the accident, someone snapped a picture and posted it on your Facebook wall. Could that picture damage your personal injury claim?

Recent crash gives many second thoughts about self-driving cars

California readers know that self-driving cars are in a testing phase, and many companies are working toward the widespread release and use of these vehicles soon. There are many who believe that self-driving cars will be the answer to reducing the number of distracted driving and reckless driving accidents. There was a recent accident involving a self-driving car that may cause some to change their minds.

Don't make the accident of skipping crucial steps after a wreck

A normal morning for you involves making your way to work along the highway, your mind racing with the tasks on your plate for the day. However, this morning, you have a far different experience. A driver hits you seemingly out of nowhere, due to careless driving, unfortunately leaving you with serious injuries.

Sleep deprivation and driving create a dangerous mix

It seems as though most people suffer from sleep deprivation these days. Between work and family obligations, sleep tends to take a back seat to all of the other tasks that seem more important. You may be one of the many who relishes the weekends when you can catch up on your sleep.

Rev your engine but make sure you read these safety tips first

Perhaps one of your resolutions for the new year includes taking more time for leisure. If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, you may also have your mind set on taking a few road trips; after all, the California climate is often perfect for such hobbies. Being on the back of your bike may be just the ticket to getting more rest and relaxation in your free time.

Beware distracted driving on California roads

Maybe this has happened to you: You're in the car, hurrying to your destination, trying to do a million things at once: Eat some breakfast, program the radio, talk to your kids, put on some makeup. Your cell phone goes off, and you know that you have an urgent text or call. Do you pick it up?

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