Committed To Protecting Your Business Interests

Contracts are the lifeblood of any business. A breach of an oral or written agreement can have damaging and devastating effects on your business. Left unresolved, you might be forced to reduce your budget or staff or close your doors permanently. Proactive steps are necessary in the form of skilled and seasoned legal representation.

At the Law Offices of Michael J. Danner, we are committed to efficient and effective strategies to resolve complex contractual disputes for individuals, partnerships, LLCs, corporations or government entities.

Exploring All Options To Resolve High-Stakes Contract Disputes

From the moment we take on your case, we identify the best way to resolve the dispute, whether it involves a confidentiality, loan, licensing or purchase agreement. Securing a quick and reasonable resolution through arbitration avoids lengthy and expensive litigation. However, if a lawsuit is the best route to resolution, we will pursue litigation as we have in hundreds of cases in state and federal courts.

Tailoring strategies also helps to identify the material and immaterial damages you suffered because of the contract breach. Depending on the extent of the losses, we can pursue compensation, punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

An Unwavering Dedication To Our Fellow California Business Owners

If your business has been impacted by a breach of contract, take action. You can reach business lawyer Michael J. Danner at our Cypress-based firm at 888-494-9813 or through our online intake form.