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On their own, accusations of criminal acts can destroy the reputation of an individual. Delaying legal representation only makes a bad situation worse. Proactive steps are necessary to protect your future. We will make contact with prosecuting attorneys to attempt to resolve the criminal matter without the need to go to trial.

Legal Advocacy Is Vital When Business Futures And Careers Are At Stake

As with civil matters, most criminal cases do not go to litigation. However, if it is necessary to defend you at trial, attorney Michael J. Danner has the experience to go into a courtroom, pick a jury, and fight for you. Our office can work with jury consultants and focus groups in order to give you the greatest chance of prevailing in front of a jury.

Specific white-collar criminal defense legal matters our office can handle include fraud, computer crimes, insider trading, intellectual property crimes, money laundering, embezzlement, obstruction of justice and RICO charges.

While we strive to take proactive steps, we will remain at your side during investigations, prosecutions, trials and appeals.

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