The Trial Skills You Need For Civil Litigation

At the Law Offices of Michael J. Danner, we explore all options to resolve the legal problems you or your business faces. When two or more parties, whether individuals or businesses, disagree over an issue that cannot be resolved outside of a courtroom, you need an experienced and skillful attorney to represent you as a plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit. Attorney Michael J. Danner has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in over 85 trials in the courtroom, most of which were jury trials. In many cases, we are able to negotiate a satisfactory outcome without the need for litigation. However, some disagreements cannot be solved through informal means such as mediation. Per those disputes, litigation is the only option to protect your interests. If you are in need of a veteran trial civil litigator, Michael J Danner is the lawyer for you.

Representation At Trials In State And Federal Courts

First-rate legal advocacy from a trial lawyer is needed whether you are a plaintiff or defendant. Attorney Michael J. Danner offers first-rate advocacy as a trial lawyer including:

  • Breach of contract Issues – Contracts are the lifeblood of any business and a breach of an oral or written agreement can have damaging and devastating effects on your business. At the Law Offices of Michael J. Danner, we are committed to efficient and effective strategies to resolve contractual disputes for individuals, partnerships, LLCs, corporations or government entities. Depending on the losses, we can seek to recover damages.
  • General civil litigation issues for individuals, small or large businesses in the areas of
    • Personal Injury lawsuits
    • Wage and hour code violation lawsuits

Attorney Michael J. Danner has litigated hundreds of lawsuits and torts in state and federal courts. He has enjoyed an outstanding track record of success in over 40 years of practicing law.

Committed To Taking On Difficult, Complex And Challenging Cases

Our civil litigation experience includes representing individuals and businesses from small sole proprietorships to some of the largest corporations in the nation. If you are facing legal problems that could affect your future, act now. Call the Law Offices of Michael J. Danner at 888-494-9813 or contact us online.