Diligent Protection Of Employers’ Rights

At the Law Offices of Michael J. Danner, we strive to ensure that your business complies with established statutes and regulations in the workplace. We help California-based private and public companies develop and implement policies and procedures designed to prevent administrative sanctions and litigation.

We also understand the challenges you face as a business owner. Being an employer, you want control of your relationships with your employees. Yet, disputes that lead to accusations of discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour, retaliation and wrongful termination require legal representation focused on protecting your company’s best interests.

Continuous Protection Of Your Business Interests

Attorney Michael J. Danner, can help you achieve all of your goals and overcome potential obstacles through the following:

  • Complying with the National Labor Relations Act, Family Medical Leave Act, Americans With Disabilities Act, California Family Rights Act, California Labor Code, Fair Labor Standards Act, Fair Employment and Housing Act, EDD, EEOC, HIPAA and OSHA
  • Appearing before California Labor Commissioner hearings and California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board hearings
  • Representing our clients at state and federal audits, investigations, administrative proceedings, arbitration, mediation, litigation, trials and appeals

Trust us to take the proactive steps necessary to protect your business and provide aggressive representation when serious issues arise.

High-Stakes Business Problems Require Skilled And Seasoned Legal Counsel

Do not allow legal problems to impact the future of your business. Contact a dedicated and diligent lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael J. Danner in Cypress. Call 888-494-9813 or fill out our online intake form.